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Snow BirdThe movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, disappointed and yet intrigued. The more lingering fascination was for the role of the birds. This doesn’t say much for the film itself…

Birds have always been part of this fairy tale. This image, of Disney’s Snow with her chirpy bluebirds, is a classic.

The birds are still helping Kristen Stewart’s Snow (are they snowbirds? hee hee a little Florida humor there). Presumably the same bird she saved as a magical little girl is returning the favor by showing her the deadly iron nail in her jail wall, and later, the way out. Is it a bluebird? Hard to tell.

Moving on to the part where Charlize Theron as the evil queen Ravenna subsists on a diet of bird hearts (ravens, one assumes) when she can’t get the full entree of a young innocent’s heart. She digs them out with a talon prosthetic straight out of a Goth accessories department – sucking in their life energy and leaving all those dead carcasses behind. That was kinda disturbing. She was also able to conjure creatures that appeared to be made solely of the souls of these dead avians.



Emilyland started to wonder what was in the energy of those bird hearts? Turning to the ‘bible’ of animal totem info Animal Speaks by Ted Willams:

Raven Keynote: magic, shape shifting, and creation

“Raven speaks of the opportunity to become the magician, or enchantress of your life. Each of us has a magician within and it is raven which can show us how to bring that part of us out of the dark and into the light.”

And for the sake of what? good vs., evil, innocence and experience, here is bluebird:

Bluebird Keynote: modesty, unassuming confidence, and happiness

Bluebird…”is symbolic of a passage, a time of movement into another level of being. Specifically it is connected to the transformation of a girl into a woman.”

Hmmmm. Maybe the filmmakers got it right…at least for the birds!