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I have had to work to manage my crazy head since the moment I opened my eyes this morning. Grinding – I believe it is called – on any and every thing. Stuff that yesterday was totally manageable. No wonder and thanks a lot that I picked the Bast card from the Goddess Oracle cards.

Bast is an Ancient Egyptian Goddess

Bast is a cat-headed goddess whose main message is PLAY! She rules pleasure, joy, music, dance, healing, the moon, and, of course, cats.

Yay! Just the word [play] puts me in a better mood. Am I just getting too serious with myself? Yes. Is the world getting too serious? Yes. Is that any different than yesterday? No.

Bast says it is time to discover the ways you are able to play, and do it! OK! Music, dance, beach, sex, you name it. And maybe it is even time to get another cat? hmmm…meow.

How do you like to play?