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“Forgiveness liberates the soul. That is why it is such a powerful weapon”

Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela in Invictus

It’s very easy to break attachments to worldly games when you’re sitting in a cave in the Himalayas. Its quite a different take you do of sex, power, money, fame and sensual gravitation in the middle of New York City with television and loving people around and great cooks and advertising and total support for all of the attachments.

— Ram Dass,
The Only Dance There Is


Every word a woman writes changes the story of the world – revises the official version.

— Carolyn See


The core task of the shamanist is to dream her world into being. Otherwise, she has to settle for the collective nightmare that is being dreamt by others. 

Alberto Villoldo,


Fairy tales have much to say on the subjects of heroism and transformation; about how one finds the courage to fight and prevail against overwhelming odds. Why do we continue to be enspelled by fairy tales, after all these centuries? Why do we continue to tell the same old tales, over and over again? Because we all have encountered wicked wolves, faced trial by fire, found fairy godmothers. We have all set off into unknown woods at one point in life or another. 

— Terri Windling
Women and Fairy Tales


Our intention is to affirm this life
Not to bring order out of chaos
Or to make changes in creation
But simply to wake up to the very life we are living
Which is so excellent
Once one gets one mind and its desires
Out of the way
And lets it act
Of its own accord
John Cage


We are forced to become aware that the one we hold is not the only possible version of reality. If we hold on to it too tightly it begins to strangle us. Once we realize that other realities are possible, we become empowered to rid ourselves of a mythology that we didn’t develop in a conscious way. Then comes the creation of a personal reality that is much more crafted to one’s own being and intentional self.

To catch a husband is an art; to hold him is a job.

Simone de Beauvoir


We believe power will get us what we most want: freedom and happiness … The way we go about gaining what we call power – wealth, professional success, fame, physical strength, military might and political control – has only created problems in the world and for ourselves.